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Healthy Networking Events for Women in Commercial Real Estate

WWIRE (Wellness for Women in Real Estate) promotes and connects strong women in Commercial Real Estate through WELL and FIT events. We integrate the five aspects of wellness; social, spiritual, chemical, structural and emotional. Our social events are focused on  expanding connections within our  industry while building a stronger mind and body. 

What are WWIRE WELL and WWIRE FIT events?

\ WELL event \   -

WWIRE events that focus on  wellness, mental health, physical health, personal finance, and community outreach.

\ FIT event \ -  

WWIRE events that are high energy, get your heart rate going and encourage networking in an unconventional environment.

Our social events focus on expanding connections within the industry, while building a stronger mind and body. We hold events every month in our WWIRE markets, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Washington DC & NYC, with select

co-ed events and community outreach throughout the year.  

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WWIRE UNITED | Virtual WELL event | 04-21-2021 @ 4:30 PM

How To 10x Productivity + Align Your Hormonal Health with Ash McDonald

WWIRE UNITED | WWIRE @ Work Book Club | 04-22-2021 @ 4:30 PM

This Sh!t Works by Julie Brown

Registration link is included on the WWIRE @ Work tab



How To 10X Productivity + Align Your Hormonal Health

When | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Where | VIRTUAL via Zoom

Schedule | 4:30 PM - Check In, Networking & Introductions

4:45 PM - Presentation/Discussion

5:45 PM - Networking & Closing Remarks

Pricing | WWIRE Members - FREE, Non Members - $15

Event Description | Join us for an evening of virtual networking and a 60 minute presentation/discussion with time for Q+A to talk through how to sync your cycle and understand internal rhythms so that you can have productive, successful and profitability through workflows with Ash McDonald. We will cover topics such as nutrition, movement, communication and supporting your overall health and lifestyle!


Ash is a Therapist, Hormones Expert, Business Growth Strategist and Mama of 3 obsessed with showing women just how powerful & unstoppable they are. She uses her counseling background & cycle syncing expertise to help women unlock their naturally given blueprints in order to scale their impact, take back their time, have control of their emotions, and show up fully in the moments that matter most. Using her 'Ambitiously Aligned Method' - she works with ambitious women all over the world & has a mission to change the way girls see themselves and their cycles for good! 





Christine Mosholder

Christine Mosholder is a

co-founder of Fort Point Project Management and a co-founding sponsor of WWIRE. Her commitment to advancing women in corporate real estate through wellness is rooted in a belief that strength can be measured by more than muscle;

it's strength in character, courage, kindness, and grit that make strong women.  In 2008, she founded The Furniture Trust, a nonprofit with a mission to convert excess office furnishings and supplies into direct furniture and cash donations for local schools and nonprofits. 

Stacie McBurney

As Manager of WWIRE, Stacie McBurney, promotes our community of real estate professionals and coordinates the daily operations and networking events.  She is passionate about commercial real estate and fitness, as witnessed by her prior career in asset management and financial analysis while working as a Barre instructor in her free time. Stacie graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors’ degree in Real Estate and Urban Economics. Stacie believes that women can create strong, valuable relationships in the industry while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Victoria Saber

Victoria Saber, Manager of Operations and Innovation at Fort Point Project Management supports WWIRE's platform.  As an alumna of Simmons College School of Management, a women's centered college, she is driven to introduce the value of these environments specializing in networking.  Simmons preaches the value of turning passion into purpose which is exactly what Victoria believes WWIRE has accomplished. Victoria applies her corporate role within operations to strategically plan, organize and grow WWIRE.

WWIRE: Wellness for Women in Real Estate connects and promotes strong women in Commercial Real Estate through wellness events and community outreach.

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