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WWIRE Boston | WIC Week FIT + WELL mashup event | Female Awareness Self Defense
sponsored by GenCon, Wise Construction and BOND

When: March 8, 2023

Time: 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Where: Timeout Market, 401 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215

Price: Members - FREE, Non Members - $60

Event Description: We are celebrating Women In Construction Week with a FIT + WELL mashup event, Female Awareness Self Defense! Join WWIRE and your fellow female CRE/AEC industry partners for an evening of networking + a self defense workshop! Light bites and refreshments will be provided. 

This 120-minute seminar is engaging, interactive and potentially life-saving. Gabrielle is a native New Yorker whose vision is to teach women everywhere how to Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Strong. Through Female Awareness, women of all ages learn how detect and respond to potentially dangerous situations—in a safe and team-building environment.

The difference between Female Awareness, Inc. and every other self-defense class is simple: its founder knows that an attack actually begins before it ever becomes physical. Situational awareness and a few simple moves can make the difference between being safe and being a statistic. Current clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, health clubs, celebrities, universities and schools.

Hour 1 | The Safety Discussion:
▪ How to avoid being a target
▪ The “Illusion of Safety”
▪ How to handle a confrontation: verbally, mentally, and psychologically
▪ The power of body language and non-verbal cues
▪ Effective tips on how to be safer and more aware
▪ Safety items and how to use your cell phone as an “invisible friend”
▪ Specific locations: elevators, street, subways, dates, bars, taxis, etc.
▪ Learning how to use your voice

Hour 2 | Physical Techniques:
▪ How, when and where to strike
▪ Learning over 23 strikes from head to toe
▪ What to do from the floor & how to handle attacks from behind
▪ Escape from multiple grabs and chokeholds
▪ How to handle multiple attackers & if a weapon is involved
▪ Easy mnemonic devices to remember techniques

Interested in co-sponsoring? Send an email to Stacie McBurney at


WWIRE Boston | FIT-venture | Co-Ed Ski Trip @ Loon Mountain
sponsored by Margulies Perruzzi, Lee Kennedy, Columbia Construction and Finbarr Mechanical 

When: March 13, 2023

Time: All Day

Where: Loon Mountain, Lincoln, New Hampshire

Price: Members - $125, Non Members - $150, No Ski Pass Needed - $105

Event Description: Join us for our WWIRE FIT-venture | Co-Ed Ski Trip at Loon Mountain! Breakfast, lunch, lift ticket and apre ski snacks + drink ticket included.

Interested in co-sponsoring? Send an email to Stacie McBurney at

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